M. Yigit Yildirim - Founder

Yigit Yildirim is a data scientist who is dedicated to making the world better. He has worked in four countries where he managed to deliver countless projects in very different environments and now is the founder of Nowforgood. He pursues his PhD in computer science where he aligns his research goals with his ideals by developing predictive models to identify criminals: specifically fraudsters, money launderers and human traffickers. While he has a technical background with Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Industrial Engineering, he also is a multi-instrumentalist playing in a jam band.

Rana Yildirim - Co-founder

Rana Yildirim, PhD is an Associate Professor of Education having many more than 25 years of experience in academic research. She brings her research experience along with her in-market expertise and valuable connections for Nowforgood.