Academic Research Gives Back

  • Millions of dollars are spent every year on academic research
  • People in your social network can now participate in this research, and a donation will be made for their participation.
  • The average study takes 5 minutes to complete, and can be done on a computer.
  • The average donation for successfully completing a study is $0.82
  • The average study requires 230 responses and pays a total of $192.
  • The more studies completed by your network means more donations made to your charity!

Your Network Gives Back

Your charity has worked tirelessly to reach out and connect with the world to educate them on your cause. You have grown a following of supporters who advocate on your behalf, and give as much as they possibly can. Many of these supporters give time and assistance, but may not have the means to give financially.

With Nowforgood your supporters can give a little bit of their time answering simple survey questions, and make a huge financial difference for the charity they care about. Give your supporters the power, with Nowforgood, to help the cause they care about most.