Participant FAQ

I want to participate in research, but I don't want to reveal any personal information. Can I still help my charity with NOWFORGOOD?

- NOWFORGOOD does not collect any personal information, in fact, because you will be doing academic research all of your responses have to be anonymous. You will never be asked for any identifying information, so you can be sure that your privacy is safe with NOWFORGOOD.


How do I know that a donation has been made to my charity?

- Once you have fully completed and submitted a survey, a donation will be made into your charity's account. The charity will receive their accumulated donations at the beginning of every month.


Do I have to be a member of the charity to participate?

- NO! NOWFORGOOD needs everyone from all walks of life to participate in their research. The more people we have take these academic studies, the better it will be for researchers and charities! As long as you have access to the NOWFORGOOD link, you are eligible to take a survey.