Charity FAQ

Our charity would like to partner with NOWFORGOOD. How do we start?

- Email us at: and we can begin the process immediately!


What does my charity have to do to start fundraising with NOWFORGOOD?

- Once you have partnered with NOWFORGOOD we will send you a hyperlink that will be unique to your charity. Anytime somebody clicks this link and completes one of the academic studies a donation will be made into your charity's account. This link is your key for extra donations so let your followers know about it; post it on facebook, tweet it out, include it in your email list, the more people that complete the link means more donations for your charity!


Who can access my link?

- NOWFORGOOD needs everyone from all walks of life to participate in their research. The more people we have take these academic studies, the better it will be for researchers and charities! As long as you have access to the NOWFORGOOD link and are 18 or older, you are eligible to take a survey.